Cathedral City Police Department Press Release

Incident ##1911C-0475 / Suspicious person on RING doorbell camera

Media Release

Date: 12-3-19
Location: 68600 Block of Everwood Court Cathedral City, CA

Incident: Suspicious Circumstances / Possible false impersonation of a police officer
Event: #1911C-0475

On 12-3-19, a resident reported the recording of suspicious activity, via RING doorbell camera,  occurring at 10:00 PM on 12-2-19. The resident reported the incident to the Cathedral City Police Dept. who documented the incident and forwarded the information to CCPD’s Crime Analyst for distribution to other police agencies.  Upon initial review by CCPD and other agencies – this is NOT a police officer.

In the attached video, there appears to be a Hispanic male, 40-50 years old with short hair, walking up to a residential front door-area.  The male pulls on the front door handle – apparently checking to see if the door is unlocked.  He then leaves without ringing the doorbell or leaving any correspondence.  Additionally unusual is he wearing a nylon-style “windbreaker” with “POLICE” on the front and on the back.  He does not appear to have a badge displayed, or any accompanying department patches or identification.  Additionally, he appears to have some sort of backpack and appears disorganized and not professional in appearance.

This is a reminder to the public to be aware of scams, misrepresentations of police officers or other government officials.  During the holiday season, thefts and burglaries increase due to an increase in residential activity and increased theft opportunities.  Please remember to lock your door and windows and call your local police department if you are in doubt of a police officer’s identity.

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