Help Prevent Home Burglaries

What do most people think of when they hear the words crime prevention? Most people think of locking doors and windows, security lighting, and locking your vehicle. These are all great and should be done on a regular basis and become routine. But have you ever thought about how your landscaping could be considered a crime prevention measure. The landscaping of your residence plays into the offender’s selection process of which residences that they target.

What type of residence would an offender target?
crimepreventbox[1]Look at the different areas that a burglar has to hide in these pictures.
Some questions to ask yourself about your residence. Would you be able to see the burglar from the street?
Does the burglar have easy access to your side and backyard ?

If you live in a gated community you still need to take all the same preventative measures. Gated communities tend to give people a false sense of safety and security. You must remember that the gate is intended to keep people out but stop and think about how easy it is to get into a gated community. People do climb over walls and vehicles do follow other vehicles in when the gates open.


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