The Cathedral City Police Department working “in partnership with the community” patrols approximately 22.7 square miles while providing service to over 54,000 residents. Cathedral City is expected to grow out to its sphere of influence, which encompasses 55 square miles, within the next 10 to 15 years. The projected population will be over 96,000.

The patrol division is comprised of 1 Commander, 4 Sergeants and 25 Patrol Officers.  On average, the patrol division responds to and handles 42,500 calls for service per year, with an average response time of about 4.8 minutes for priority-type calls.

Patrol sergeants are responsible for the supervision of the officers out in the community. The patrol sergeant who is on-duty is referred to as the shift supervisor. Sergeants are responsible for reviewing all the reports that the officers write and citations. They also handle questions from the citizens in the community and initiate an investigation of complaints against a police officer(s).

The uniformed officers are the first responders to emergency and crimes in progress calls for service. Patrol officers respond to all emergency calls and non-emergency calls. All officers serving the community are well trained and attend training on a yearly basis to keep up with the changes in the law and to learn new procedures/techniques for doing their work.

As a patrol officer with Cathedral City you have the opportunity to work a variety of assignments. Possible assignments include:

The patrol vehicles the department currently uses are Ford Explorer PIU’s for their patrol vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a laptop computer, which allows the officer to write reports, receive calls for service, locate addresses in the vehicle, check databases, and receive email. The department is continuing to keep up with technology as it changes. Some of the vehicles are equipped with the “lojack” system, which helps locate stolen vehicles.  The patrol vehicles are also equipped with “in-car” video systems to record contacts with the public.

The patrol division is what the public sees out on the streets in their everyday lives. These dedicated men and women are the first people that you encounter in person when you call the police department for assistance.

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