Cathedral City Police Department Chiefs Message

Crime Statistics

It is important to consistently review and discuss crime statistics on a monthly and annual basis and examine the historical crime data regularly to measure our existing policing model and adapt as necessary to crime trends as they develop. The Police Department utilizes current and historical crime data to deploy personnel more effectively and efficiently to assist in reducing crime and fear in the community. The below table represents a two-year comparison of Part 1 crimes reported in Cathedral City in 2021 and 2022.




% Change













 Aggravated Assault












 Motor Vehicle Theft








Many cities experienced a significant increase in violent crimes and decreases in property crimes. On the other hand, many cities experienced significant reductions in violent crimes and property crimes.  Across the nation in 2022, the crime of murder decreased by 4% in major American cities. The national homicide rate remained 34% higher than in 2019 according to the Council on Criminal Justice. In 2022, aggravated assault dropped 3.5%, robberies increased 5.5%, commercial burglaries increased 11%, larcenies increased by 8%, motor-vehicle theft increased 21% and residential burglary decreased by 2%.

In evaluating our Part 1 crimes from calendar year 2018 through calendar year 2022, I looked at the total number of Part 1 crimes committed each year. Our totals for each respective year are as follows. 2018 (889 crimes), 2019 (746 crimes), 2020 (793 crimes), 2021 (912 crimes), and 2022 (959 crimes). As you can see, our number of Part 1 crimes has decreased in some years and increased in others.

In comparing 2022 with 2021, our two-year Part 1 crimes saw a 33% decrease in Homicide, a 9% decrease in Rape, 6% decrease in Robbery, 23% decrease in Aggravated Assaults. The city experienced a 5% increase in Burglary, a 30% increase in Larceny, and a 10% decrease in Motor vehicle Theft. It should be noted that felony domestic violence assaults are included in the overall number of Aggravated Assaults.

Overall Cathedral City experienced a 5% increase in Part 1 crimes from 2021 through the end of 2022. Our largest increase occurred with the crime of larceny which includes crimes such as petty theft and mail theft. In 2022, the pandemic restrictions continued to ease, and more people were returning to the workforce and not spending as much time at home as we saw in 2021. Less people working from home presented more opportunities for home burglaries and auto theft to take place.

I find it significant that each category of violent crime decreased in our city when comparing 2021 to 2022 violent crime categories. Our city’s decrease in violent crime is attributed to several factors which include a responsive and proactive police department, having a trusting relationship with our community we serve, and having a good working relationship with other city departments and our allied law enforcement agencies in the Coachella Valley.

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