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Cathedral City Police Department Press Release

Attempted Homicide Case 2306C-0645

4, 2023, at approximately 1528 hours, a customer inside of the Dollar Tree was confronted by a Hispanic male who brandished a firearm. The customer/victim lunged for the firearm, and a fight ensued. Two females with the suspect began to fight with the victim as well, in order to assist the suspect. After fighting over the gun for approximately 2 to 3 mins, the suspects and victim reached a stalemate and agreed to stop fighting. The victim attempted to shake the suspect’s hand, but the suspect retrieved the gun out of his pants and attempted to shoot the victim at point-blank range. The gun did not function and the magazine fell from the gun preventing the firearm from discharging. The victim and the suspect began to fight for the magazine. During the fight, the suspect pistol-whipped the victim in the head. The victim ran from the store, and the suspect chases after the victim, firing six rounds at the victim, striking him several times. Detectives identified all three suspects and issued a search warrant on one suspect’s residence. The suspect was not at the residence, but evidence related to the crime was located and collected.

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