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Cathedral City Police Department Initiates Motorcycle Officer Traffic Enforcement Program

Police Chief George Crum and the Cathedral City Police Department are serious about the safety of the community and overall traffic safety within the City. Starting on Monday, February 9th, the first of two Traffic Motorcycle Officers will be patrolling the streets of Cathedral City, providing strict traffic enforcement for speeding and other moving violations. The second Motorcycle Officer will hit the streets by the first week of April.

Together, the two Traffic Motorcycle Officers will address community traffic complaints, provide high congestion traffic control and enforcement, concentrate on reducing pedestrian and bicycle related violations, target driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, employ collision-reduction enforcement activities, and provide escorts, and special event traffic control in the Downtown area.

As part of its traffic safety program, the Police Department has applied for a California Office of Traffic Safety grant that will provide additional funds to assist in combating driving under the influence, and reducing the number of fatality and injury traffic collisions citywide. The grant funds, if approved, will be used to assist the Department and the Traffic Motorcycle Officers with providing the community and citizens with directed enforcement actions, aimed at keeping the motoring public safe.

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