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A Time to Consider . A Time to Move Ahead

A message from George Crum, Chief of Police

Personal Safety

As we gear-up with anticipation and start planning our pending New Year’s celebrations, personal safety is often not given consideration. Take some time in advance to reconcile yourself to making your coming New Year’s celebrations the safest while enjoying the moment!

Preparing in advance for the festivities with personal safety in mind will provide you peace-of-mind once the celebrating begins. I have prepared a basic list of things to consider while celebrating seasonal events, New Year’s, etc. Please take time to review the “bullet-points” below and see if you have already planned for these possibilities or need to incorporate contingencies into your future celebration planning:

  • If you drink, don’t drive.
  • If you ride as a passenger with someone to-and-from a party or event be certain they are not intoxicated if they are driving.
  • Never ride with a designated driver who has been consuming alcohol or drugs. Call a cab or ride with someone you know is not impaired.
  • Avoid mixing prescription drugs with alcoholic beverages. Be sure to fully understand your limitations for alcohol consumption if you are taking doctor ordered prescribed medication. Read about the interactions with alcohol pharmacology.
  • Don’t participate in illegal drug activity, even if it is Medical Marijuana being offered at a party. If you are found impaired while driving or under the influence you risk being cited or arrested.
  • Take time to carefully check your surroundings, especially outside, before leaving any late-night or early morning event or party. Don’t leave the location without someone accompanying you to your vehicle if it is still dark.
  • While driving home from a party or event consider there may be drunk drivers on the roads. Check your rear-view mirrors frequently for vehicles coming up on you quickly. If necessary and you have the time, turn off the road (don’t stop) to let the rapidly moving vehicle pass you. Be exceptionally careful at any and all intersections!
  • Let your friends or relatives know where you will be partying in the event there is an emergency or you become ill. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged prior to leaving your residence.
  • Be careful not to leave your handbag, cell phone or wallet in an unattended area while at a party or event. It would be best to keep your identification on your person and lock your valuables inside of your vehicle’s trunk or console.
  • Make sure you fully secure your residence prior to leaving for a holiday event or party. Be sure to leave your residence well lit.

The above is a “short-list” of “safety-tips” to consider while planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations. I’m certain you could easily add to the list many more items; however, I wanted to provide some I believe are very important. Your Cathedral City Police Department wants your Holiday Season and your New Year’s to be the safest ever. Please take time to ponder your choices when it comes to making safe decisions for the Holiday’s.

I want to take a moment to introduce myself; I’m George Crum, the newly appointed Chief of Police for the City of Cathedral City. I want to assure our community that I will do everything within my power to create a safe environment, and protect you and your family. You have my commitment to continue the work already in place to provide you the finest community policing. As we move into 2015 I hope to grow this commitment even more by providing more innovative resources within the department. Please feel free to send me an email. Thank you for visiting our All Points Bulletin. Feel free to send any material you find useful to your family, friends and associates.

George Crum
Chief of Police

If you have any questions or comments please contact me via email at

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