Cathedral City Police Department Community Alerts Scams

Media release regarding SCAM / Public safety announcement

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Cathedral City Police (760) 770-0300

Issuing Employee: Commander Paul Herrera – 760-770-0308 –
Type of Case: Public Safety Announcement / Impersonation of Police via phone call / Case #1902C-4909

Date/Time Reported: February 22, 2019 / 3:32 PM
Location of Occurrence: Cathedral City, CA and other local jurisdictions

Involved Party Information:

Name: SUSPECT (unidentified male caller)
Age: Unknown
City of Residence: Unknown

Synopsis of Incident

Information has been received by the Cathedral City Police Department that someone is calling citizens at random and telling them they are a police sergeant with the Cathedral City Police Department and they have an arrest warrant for them.  They are then requesting money or giving directions to deposit money into an account. This is not true, it is a SCAM.  The Cathedral City Police Department – nor any other police department – will demand money for an arrest warrant, in lieu of jail.  Warrants are paid at the court – not to a police officer!  Please disregard any phone calls or callers making these claims. The Cathedral City Police Department will not call you and notify you of a warrant and will not threaten to arrest you if you do not pay for the warrant.  This is a SCAM.

End of media release.

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